Cape Leopard Trust Data Collection App

You don’t always need a qualification or specific skills to contribute to scientific research and monitoring. You can contribute valuable data to us simply by being observant and sharing certain sighting details or experiences with us on this platform. Please follow the simple instructions to the right to create your account and confirm your registration. Once registered you can log in to the app and start submitting your sighting or incident data.

Wire snares

We’re currently using this app to collect data on wire snares in the Western Cape. Snares are simple nooses (made from wire, cable, rope or other materials) which are anchored to vegetation, rocks or fencepoles. These snares are placed with the sole purpose of capturing animals. This is a restricted method of hunting in the Western Cape (Western Cape Nature Conservation Ordinance, No. 19 of 1974). Please note that a photo is required to validate your submission into our database. Records without photos are accepted but these cannot be validated.

How does this work?

Step 1: Create your account
Step 2: Confirm registration
Step 3: Login to access the app
Step 4: Start adding sightings